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G-96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil

Approved for use by the U.S. Army for maintaining both large- and small-caliber weapons systems. Effective in temperatures from -74°F to 350°F. CFC- and VOC-free. Biodegradable and nonflammable. 

.5oz  bottle

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SOG Flash II Assisted Folding Knife

Due to its dimensions, you can easily specify this model as a medium sized EDC and an emergency tactical knife. Well, you can always take it out and use it in a tactical situation that might arise. Thanks to having the big blade, you are also going to find the model being good in terms of versatility. The model also weighs 3.1 ounces only. With such a weight, you should find it being good for portability.

The SOG brand also selected the AUS8 steel for the blade construction. This is a mid-range Japanese steel that should still give you some good performance at all times. The AUS8 takes the sharp edge to a whole new level. This is because with such a material, the model can still hold the edge for a long time. Sharpening is also simple as compared to the other materials meant for blades.

Products Spotlight

Champion Vanquish Series Hearing Protection

Aside from safe gun handling, the most important thing you’ll do at the range is protect your hearing. The Vanquish series of electronic ear pro from Champion offers a great way to do just that. Building on the initial series success, they’ve now introduced the Vanquish Pro and Pro Elite.

Each muff was acoustically modeled on gunshot reports to achieve the optimal balance of all day comfort and noise reduction. They feature Safe Level Sound Compression Technology with a refresh time of less than 1 millisecond and two HD speakers to ensure everything you hear is crystal clear.
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RB-MC Range Bag

Veto Pro Pac makes tool bags for an assortment of professions including HVAC technicians, carpenters, firefighters, and more. They’ve been making their products for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that they started making gun bags. Many of their existing clients told them their base product would be perfect for the gun world, so they designed the RB-MC Range Bag and introduced it at SHOT Show 2019 as one of the NEXT exhibitors.

There’s no shortage of storage with the RB-MC Range Bag. It measures 8” X 10” X 17” and utilizes every in of that space. It has more than 20 pockets inside and out, perfect for magazines, cleaning supplies, loose rounds, or whatever else you can think of. It also has a slot for targets and pistol rugs, 4 separate magazine pockets, and more.

The outside design, which is covered in Molle webbing, is built around their center panel design that makes the center of the bag weight-bearing, allowing for storage options on both sides of the bag. There are internally built holsters for two full sized handguns with foam blocks to support smaller guns, and an innovative “Cobra Clip” to secure the guns so that they can be removed easily with one finger. This allows firearms to be stored vertically with the barrels of pistols pointing downward.

This ain’t your granddad’s shooting bag. Made with waterproof PVC-impregnated nylon, waterproof polypropylene, double stitching, and marine grade rivets, it’s ready for whatever you throw at it when you head to the range. MSRP is $199.99.

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Real Avid AR15 Armorer\’s Master Kit

The DPMS Oracle AR-15 chambered in 5.56 NATO is the perfect rifle whether you are looking for your first rifle or just an accurate and affordable plinker. Designed to bridge the gap between the tactical and sporting markets, the Oracle is an introductory carbine that fills both roles with ease.

With features like a 16\” lightweight barrel, a flat top upper receiver, Glacier Guard handguards and a collapsible, six-position Pardus buttstock, the Oracle AR-15 rifle is nothing short of a fantastic value. DPMS even outfitted this AR model with a railed gas block and one high-quality magazine to make sure that you get the most value for your dollar on one of the most versatile carbines on the market today.

With a high work ethic and dedication, DPMS has continued to expand its line of products since 1985. The second-largest manufacturer of AR-15 rifles (according to the ATF), DPMS produces this style of rifle in a number of calibers to accommodate nearly every area of firearms, including tactical, competition, and hunting. DPMS has a staff of experts, many of which are US veterans, which follow strict design and manufacturing processes to produce precise and reliable products.

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Patriot 35S Pistol Shelf

The Tactical Trap has no keys to lose, no magnets, no combination lock, just a state of the art RFID (radio frequency Identification locking system) that opens the shelf in one second. This is a new FREE upgrade we’re offering that’s only guaranteed until Monday, 15th of April 2019. It’s so new we haven’t even changed the video (above) yet. More on that later…here’s how it works…

  • Just place the \”key card” (included) over the center of the shelf…
  • This sends a signal to the lock to open (less than one second)
  • The shelf opens up like a secret trap door to expose a high-density foam lined cavity holding your firearms.

If that wasn’t cool enough….the RFID lock comes with a built in safeguard that warns you when the batteries need replacing so you never have to worry about being locked out

The shelf itself is made with top grade premium maple and poplar lumber. Each piece is hand selected by our master carpenters and cut to the exact tolerances using special machinery.


Products Spotlight
Leatherman 16-1 OHT Multi-Tool

For years multi-tool users could choose from two distinct options when it came to a \”one-hand-operable\” multi-tool: one-hand-opening pliers OR one-hand-opening blades. Today, Leatherman has taken these two well-loved ideas and fused them into the first ever, 100% one-hand-operable multi-tool, the Leatherman OHT. This industry-first tool features spring-loaded pliers and wire-cutters so you don\’t tire your hand adjusting and readjusting your grip.

Handles with visual imprints of the tool beneath make for quick identification. A lifesaving strap cutter and oxygen bottle wrench, threading for common-size cleaning rods and much more make this a one-handed workhorse of a tool.

Products Spotlight

Vaultek SE20 Slide Safe

  • Quick Access to your firearm with rapid deployment. Signature three-point precision rail system with ball bearing guides rapidly deploys the safe open and presents a stored firearm in the ready position in fractions of a second. NOT COMPATIBLE with Nano Smart Key
  • Slim Vertical Design stores great under a desk or nightstand, discreetly on a bookshelf, or inconspicuously in a vehicle. Included Proprietary Mounting Plate allows for multiple mounting configurations including standard VESA 75mm and 100mm hole patterns, and allows the safe to remove from the mounting plate in seconds.
  • Tough and rugged 16-gauge carbon steel construction with a durable finish prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection of your firearm for years to come. Vaultek standard security features such as a single anti-impact latch keeps the safe securely locked under impact.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery provides power up to 4 months, and charges in 2.5 hours with the included micro-USB charging kit.
  • Refined Interior includes non-absorbent closed cell foam padding to holster and protect a single firearm plus 1 spare magazine. Responsive LED Lighting illuminates the keypad via proximity sensor in low light situations and easily view your firearm with an adjustable interior LED. Fit handguns of up to 8\” length.
Products Spotlight

Daisy Shatterblast Breakable Refill Target 2\” Disks

Moving on with our list we have the 2” shatterblast breakable refill targets from Daisy. These disks are made from clay and come packaged as sixty in a box. Their use is mainly geared towards a younger shooter, who is just starting out with bb gun targets as opposed to your veteran shooter looking for something a bit more hardcore.

That’s not to say they’re to be dismissed by someone with more experience however, as these fun targets are still appropriate to hone your skills and can be great pistol targets. Styled in a striking “hunter orange” aesthetic, the bright design makes it easy to see where you have hit your mark and the disks will shatter when struck with a pellet or bb impact. Their use is mainly in conjunction with target stands (don’t fret; we have that covered with our next item), however they can just as easily be affixed to a stationary object, such as a tree or a bench.

We liked the variation that these offered for shooting and indeed other customers agreed with our sentiment, one in particular remarked “Shoot-N-C paper targets are nice, but sometimes you just need to break stuff to have fun.” We couldn’t agree more, the impact and shatter makes for a quick jolt of adrenalin to your target practice that you wouldn’t get from the previous targets listed above.

One downside will be that you will absolutely annihilate the box and find yourself out of shooting targets rather quickly.

With that said, we certainly did have a great time with these targets, the feedback from the shatter was refreshing and got our primal urges surging, the only negative was that we simply extinguished our stock rather quickly as we were having such a blast!

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