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What exactly is Dog Face Tactical? It’s a valid question! DFT is all about providing the community with the proper knowledge of guns, ammunition, accessories and training! Along with that, we offer special promotions and contests to our subscribers! No monthly fees, no bait and switch tactics…just honesty and REAL value!


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At DFT, we have done the research for you regarding what are the top guns  on the market you should purchase. 


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Owning a gun is a great liberty but knowing how to properly store it, shoot it and train is just as important. We looked high and low to find you the best training!


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We are always getting questions about what are the best gun accessories out there to purchase. We have gathered a great compilation of products for you!


  • I am glad I came to this site. Really great articles and just overall a great experience! BE THE DOG BABY!!

    David Channels
  • Let me first say that I am a firm supporter of our 2nd ammendment rights! I am glad to see another supporter like dog face. Hopefully I win something! 

    Art Cooper
    New Jersey
  • Found really great shooting drill articles here. Hopefully in the future there will be some cool dog face tactical gear. 

    Mike "Truck" Hartung
  • Great web page – will be a regular viewer. Thanks! 

  • I have been a gun nut for 40 yrs enjoy shooting every chance I get I am also a Glock nut since the mid 80,s I am never to old to learn new tactics and will enjoy reading new options and training thanks!

    Robert Gasaway
  • Hello, im new here but just want to say, you have combined 3 things that have stood the test of time with me! Dog, face tactical.  When things are tough and when they are good, my dog is and always will be my  most loyal companion! His face can bring joy, support, and confidence to help me face anything and everything that comes my way!! The tactical, training, training, equipment,  more training of scenarios strategies and basic mind control, to me is the tactical! Just like my dog, watch him learn from him, always alert even when you think he isnt. The way he approaches a situation, even his dog bowl. There is a method to everything he does! Yes he is the most trusting animal and his loyalty is incomparable to that of any human or thing on the earth! So yes i am excited to read your reports,  study your ideas and tactics, and if necessary stand side by side with my Dogface Tactical Brothers and Sisters! Yes i admire and respect the many beautiful inside, tough to the bone! Women who are patriots!
  • GodBless DogFace & all who can relate 2 his description. Time 2 RiseUp 4 TheTruth compatriots…!

    Gregg Chirpka
  • Hi guys, I’m a dogface too !   72 years old, drafted in 1966, served with 1st Division Infantry (BIG RED ONE) Vietnam one year Only 1 purple heart and Sgt. E-5. I still love going to the range and emptying some brass now and then. My name is Gary, but I go by granny because I wore wire rimmed glasses back then and the nickname stuck. Talk later.

    Gary Henkle
  • Thank you! I’ll be looking forward to news and ways to better myself with my firearm.. I know we are on the frontlines it’s only a matter of time before we will be at war on our grounds my brother in laws family has already shown ya that when the BLM tried rounding up their cattle in Nevada then arrested his brothers in Oregon and him in Arizona.. I love my country and the people in it.. but not a fan in the way the dems are selling us out and trying to take awR are freedoms 

    Cade Ruth
  • What’s crackin DogFace!?
    As I’m sure you guys know already but in the spirit of man tradition I’d like still like to extend a virtual arm and shake hands and introduce myself lol.
    My name Victor, you guys can call me Vic if ya like. My friends do lol.
    I live up north in last frontier,  Alaska. In my opinion the greatest of places to live and raise a family.  I’ve lived all over Alaska and their is fewer places where a man can just be a man and not have to apologize for it to save others feelings or whatever that’s about.
    Anyways, glad to be apart of the DogFace family, I love Lone Survivalist and I’m sure we will see eye to on most and I’m sure I’ll enjoy your material and tips and tricks and news and whatever else you got to share with the fam! 
    From the Frozen North
    Vic s.

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